flipping in flash...
   greek               Το Δελφίνι και ο Γλάρος              Νόμισμα                      Η γαλάζια πεταλούδα  
   chinese                           海豚和海鸥                  硬币                                     蓝蝶  
   english              The Dolphin and the Gull                  Coin                         The blue butterfly  
   italian               Il Delfino e il Gabbiano               Moneta                         La farfalla azzurra  
   japanese                      イルカとカモメ                  硬貨                                  青い蝶  
   russian                    Дельфин и Чайка               Монета                         Голубая бабочка  
   arabic                         الفراشة الزرقاء             قطعة العملة                           الدلفين و النورس  
   french                 Le Dauphin et le Goéland        Pièce de monnaie                            Le papillon bleu  
   german                 Der Delfin und die Möwe                Münze                      Der blaue Schmetterling  
   spanish                    El Delfín y la Gaviota               Moneda                          La mariposa azul  

    Neglected, rejected and delicately buried in greece for more than 25 years and floating
fruitlessly on the internet and in the world for more than 15 years.  
...May it continue... 

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