Lyrics - The Dolphin and the Gull

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Lyrics: “The Dolphin and the Gull”
Original language: english
Original title: To All the Young
– Translations to other languages are literal –

To All the Young

— choir —
To all the young, who fill the land...
Without yet knowing, where they stand...

Earth is a mountain  you must climb,
In soul, in body, and in mind...

There is no path  that you can take,
Only the path that you create.

Men, women, beasts, head for the peak,
But you’ll be strong, as they were weak...

Forget the lies, your parents said,
For you’re alive, and they are dead...

Don’t sit and wait, as they would like,
Unite as one, in love unite...
And block the roads, And move mankind...
Unroot the wrong, Replant the light...

No man is poor, No nation owes,
Wealth needs a leash, Fulfil these laws.

The time is now,
The place is here,
Climb to the top,
And do not fear.

...Part of my will...

...Concerning the lyrics of “To All the Young”, what I hope some day in the near future for the young to do, is to unite, block, by lying down, the roads all around the planet and, unaffected by the lies, the threats and the immoral trickeries of little men, to demand everywhere simultaneously referendums with requests: (1) the full and unconditional erasure of the national and individual debts, so that mankind may restart [and if it tends to stall again, then they should repeat the same procedure], (2) the issue of the money of each country anew from a central national bank and not private companies, and (3) the institution of an upper limit to individual wealth [be it for example, 7 (seven) billion dollars, so that the heavily sick of the world may remain somehow pleased]. The billions that will constantly be left over only from that, to be shared as an allowance, depending on the nationality of the rich from whom they will be abstracted, initially to the poor of that country [the allowance level should be of a respectable percentage of the basic salary of the country – for instance, the 1/3] and afterwards to the poor of the planet. Fortunes and income of monarchies and religious authorities surpassing the same limit, should automatically subject to the same logic of the relief of the people of the earth. Whatever trickeries are mobilized from the rich, to avoid what should also be desirable by them and self-evident, may they be blocked by the people around the world.
Finally, as an additional 4th request, the following: The release of a territorial area within the borders of each country [resembling a national park away from major urban centers] from the economic status of the rest of the country and in which there will be no money and private property, to be inhabited by not-fond-of-money visionaries and scientists, with the hope of creating a network of areas of social equality on the planet, as a springboard for its long-term transformation into a better world.

...Regarding the income from my books and everything else I was obliged to write, I wish the following: Accounts should be opened for every country separately, for the money gathered in that country. Some specific date of the year, preferably at the beginning of December, let’s say December the 10th, I wish –the appropriate preparations having taken place– half of the money in each account, under the supervision probably of some philanthropic organization, having been transformed to small, but not contemptible paper money to be carried up to the front door of those who will be mentioned later. There, loaded on building strollers, for the last meters, and not in bundles but loose, from the hands of some homeless or beggars to be thrown, without hatred or anger, in the presence of journalists, to the front doors of the following (in total 10 persons or organizations of that country each year)...

— Two main branches or central offices, of some of the biggest banks or, equally, at times, also at the stock market.
— Two houses of politicians, active or not, from the most known parties, no matter their political orientation.
— Two of the most successful economically private companies or their owners.
— Two of the more widely known artists, of any kind, whether they belong or not to the higher paid. To the same category I classify the “intellectual people” of the country.
— One of the central temples of the two clearly prevailing religions in the country. In case of one prevailing religion, then at two of its central temples.
— If there is a kingship in the country, then instead of one of the temples, the money should be thrown at the gate of some palace of their kings.

From the groups of the homeless or beggars (up to two persons in each of the previous cases) let each keep if he wants two handfuls of money for himself. Also, two handfuls should be thrown to the journalists who are present, one for them, and one for the owners of their channels or their newspapers. I plead the rest, those to whom the money comes in front of them, no matter how poor they are, to resist the temptation of gathering it. Let the wind take it, or the rich, those to whom it is offered, and who are more in need of it. If their employees are ordered to pick it up, may they not be in a hurry, or may they scatter it further away. And if street cleaners are ordered to collect it, may they go on strike.

This procedure should be repeated every year until the depletion of the accounts, until not even a stroller can be filled. Their balance is to be disclosed. Some prevalent philanthropic organization of the country, could arrange the procedures, may choose by lot the names of the lucky ones to gain more, and can take 2-3 strollers for its trouble.

The money from the account of each country will be thrown into the interior of the country. Each one of the 5 largest USA states by population, may be considered as a separate country. If some country, for some reason, has no homeless or beggars –for it will have the rich– let some students or some financially weak immigrants, undertake their manual task.

Of course I don’t have the luxury of the illusion that even if all this happens something will change inside any of you, it is simply what I chose to do. Also, closing an epistle I guess that I should thank you, but I can’t. Have a nice route...

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