The Dolphin and the Gull.    When two suns meet   then two worlds   unite for ever.

....It must be so beautiful from high up there...
–  Yes, indeed...

He looked at the water.
–  ...What is going on, far beneath here? Is everywhere that dark? What happens to the sun that sinks?

–  I don’t know. Everywhere however there is darkness. No light...
–  Really?
Is there not even a moon in your world?
Stars at least?

It answered by shaking its head negatively.

The sun far in the west was about to touch the sea.
It turned to the gull.
–  Fly...  Please, fly and tell me how it looks now from  up there.

He went up into the sky to reapproach in a while the impatient dolphin.

–  From above it is like two suns meeting at the edge of the horizon. The one you see clearly and another one, alike, deep red, that floats for a while on the water.
That afterwards seems to almost dissolve into the colour of the sea.

The dolphin started jumping as high as possible, seeking the “other” sun.
–  I don’t see it... I don’t see it at all...

He was observing a creature trying to see the world in the way he saw it.
A creature that saw a world he couldn’t see.

“Don’t worry”, he said to it then.
“I will tell you what I see.”

“I will fly for you...”

A  moment of  silence  followed.  Circles of water

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