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“The Dolphin and the Gull”

{Songs currently unsung, in search of a way to come out of obscurity,

(Original language: greek)

Like waves to which the sky gives birth,
People are falling on the earth,
Each one another tiny drop,
of rain.

Intoxicated by the void,
Remembrance of their past destroyed,
Leaving the sun waiting for them,
in vain......


Like the moon I’m half-
glowing in the light,
While my other half,
has embraced the night.

Knowing what to say,
never got to say it.
Knowing what to do,
never finally made it.

Day by day I thought,
easier it would get,
But my inner self,
never does forget.

And my soul at times,
prisoned in its cell,
Looks me in the eyes,
and in tears, it tells......


There is a pair of scales, made of gold,
that isn’t part of this small world.

Whoever brave enough would be,
to stand on one end, he would see...

His real self, his actual weight,
and choose to change or not his fate......


...Each breath is searching for the door,
Each step entraps you more and more.
Non-ending dance, no-winning game,
Each different path, becomes the same...

— choir —
People like trees, they rise, they fall,
What is the reason for this all?......


...Take back your wings,
I never used them......


There, in a wrinkle on earth’s face,
I thought there was for us a place,
Where you and I would share a dream,
no matter how hard it may seem.......


Back at the playground of our youth,
playing with words, we lost the truth,
Forgot it somewhere in the mud,
while growing old, and growing sad......


...You are a drop,
And so you’ll stay,
Until the day,
the drop will say......


Animals live, give birth and die,
They do not speak, they do not cry.
They disappear without a trace,
They are the masks, I am the face!......


Humble pencil write to me a story,
For no sceptre had a greater glory......


People are links in an endless chain,
inside so empty, outside so strong,
Like actors in an endless play,
who have lost track of right and wrong......


(Part of my will to mankind)

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