Lyrics - The Dolphin and the Gull

Background: light | dark
Lyrics: “The Dolphin and the Gull”
Original language: english
Original title: Labyrinth Unseen
– Translations to other languages are literal –

Labyrinth Unseen

Αll roads combined, lives that have been,
They form a labyrinth unseen.
In there you’re born, in there you die,
A spider’s web that fools the eye...
— choir —
Riddles inscribed on each wall,
Which is the answer to them all?

Each breath is searching for the door,
Each step entraps you more and more.
Non-ending dance, no-winning game,
Each different path, becomes the same...

People like trees, they rise, they fall,
What is the reason for this all?

Along with you, moons, planets, stars,
Husbands and wives, daughters, sons,
Babies who are crawling on all fours,
Mountains and valleys, seas and shores...

In light, in dark, they scratch the wall,
Is there an exit to it all?

There is one answer to all riddles,
One reason why life starts anew,
There is one exit no one found,
This unknown exit, it is... you.

Ιt’s you...

Only you...

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