This book was a book that knew not how to read! A comedy...
The sun while rising shone on the silver coin.
That moment, it opened its eyes suddenly and stretched numbly after so many hours of deep sleep. It was so damp up there!  Up there, over the tile roof of that two-storeyed cottage at the edge of the village.

“Good morning”,  it said gently to its other side.

No answer.

“Good morning!
Wake up, it’s dawn...”  it said one more  time, even more gently.

But its other side didn’t answer. There was still no answer today.
As there was never any answer for as long as it remembered. No matter how gently it had spoken to her, no matter how many times it had asked for an answer.

It looked up the sun that was rising in the sky and smiled.

“Why don’t you speak to me?” it said again to its other side.
“Talk to me, I am as lonely as you.”
“Talk to me.”

“I know, you may not like my company,  but what can we do?  We are only the two sides of a coin. And it would be nice to talk from time to time.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have one another?”

But its other side wouldn’t speak.  It had asked her so many times. It had asked her in all the ways it knew. But it knew not that many! The single side of a small low-price coin it was. Nothing more.

“Goodnight” it said to her, as the darkness was falling...

* *

“Good  morning” it said  softly  with  the  first smile of the sun. No answer.  But maybe she was still sleeping! It should wait for a while.

It waited until the sun rose high upon the sky. A golden sun. A sun that was shining on the silver coin over the tile roof of that cottage. And then, it dared to speak to her once again.

“It is a beautiful day today, isn’t it?”

Complete story...
        zero and infinity