This book was a book that knew not how to read! A comedy...

“....Don’t you worry”, said the sad mask to the other.

“Don’t worry, time will pass quickly, you will see... The rehearsals will finish, the premiere will take place, the play will be forgotten, and then they will leave us again in peace.”
“All will end some day. Be patient.”

“I can’t stand it any more” replied sadly the happy mask.
“Τhe same dialogues every day. At every rehearsal. At every performance. And I am obliged to do the talking! I can no longer stand those happy dialogues.
Nothing will ever end. Αs nothing ever ended for so many years. And the next play why does it have to be different? In every play isn’t there a happy mask? In every play.
I can’t stand it any more.”

“Hang on”, repeated the sad mask, “I feel you.”
“Do you think I enjoy what they had me say today once again?
Boring sad dialogues... Same more or less in every play I had acted up to this day...
Since you know that I would rather they have me singing and smiling. Ι can no longer stand those bad-mood dialogues.”

“But, unfortunately, I can’t imagine this skin changing its shape” it added – smiling behind the sad slit in the position of the mouth.
“This is how it is going to remain; in a bad mood and dusty for ever.
Suitable only for tear-shedding roles.”
“Awful I am telling you.”

“...Awful” it said again, and found the courage to laugh.
It wasn’t but a mask with sad slits for mouth and eyes. A mask that was laughing, next to a mask with a happy face.

“I wonder where you find such cheer!” said the happy mask.

“3-2-1, let’s go.”