This book was a book that knew not how to read! A comedy...

....I could see planets around me in various colours, blue white and red suns. Black rings and colourful holes–caves. Clouds without skies and skies without clouds. How beautiful everything is when you are going nowhere...

“Poor star”, I heard the other stars saying to them, “we are very sorry.”

“But why are you sorry?”
“That you perished at the edge of the infinite. Τhat your light passes by and disappears...”

“Μy light never disappears... You only stay still...”

“What did you say...”

But the voice of the stars faded away quickly. Indeed, this light had no time to stay.

“Τhank you for taking me with you” I said to them.
“Our pleasure”, they replied, “it is our pleasure to have you inside us.”

“Have you been together for a long time?”
“Since we met you, didn’t we say?”

* *

It was so beautiful in the middle of nowhere. I could see things I had never until then seen again. That I had never imagined.
I could see square, polygon, cylindrical planets. I could see suns whose light changed when they got upset. I could see moons in velvet colours.
All of them suspended in the void, and yet they always seemed fixed on something. They were moving and yet they appeared eternally immovable. All except those colourful comets. Yes, they were so beautiful the comets I saw...
Colourful, long tails, chasing a luminous small ball that was leaving running at the edge of their dreams. How beautiful those comets were!
I turned to my stars.
“Tell me about you” I said to them.

“We are two stars. The travelling light of two stars.”