The blue butterfly.    Before everything, I felt deep inside me that you’d come someday...

“.....I searched everywhere around to find it...

...But it was nowhere to be found!”


“The only thing left from that tree for me, a branch. Only a branch!
Barely enough to form a frame. But now, it wouldn’t be that, that’d bother me so; into my hands I had the one, the frame that I asked for... But no butterfly was worthy of being inside it! As if to the same beginning I was turning.”
“...I made other frames. Frames most beautiful. Bigger frames. Inside them I closed other butterflies... None should escape me any more.” “...Not even one.” “The same mistake shouldn’t happen again. I was searching for more. Always for more...
Looking for the one, for the only one I haven’t found...

The one, that never appeared...”

He turned towards her...

“I kept it always hidden”, he mumbled, “In my castle’s highest tower.”

His eyes had blurred...
He couldn’t discern her, no matter where he was look- ing. But he knew she was there.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, he then told her. “...I’ve always been waiting for you...”
“Before everything, I felt deep inside me that you’d come someday...”

His voice was now coming out with difficulty.
A voice that was fading away, but was still spreading to reach her.

“This frame I made,
                     I made it for you...”

“...Once you asked me why, and I didn’t answer! I didn’t know.
But now I know! Now, I remember...”

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